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Waterproof tanking systems for wet room showers


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Products > Wet Rooms > Wet room shower and shower waterproof tanking systems

Waterproof your shower or wet room for guaranteed peace of mind

The days of leaking wet room showers is a thing of the past with the new generation of waterproof tanking systems available. Easy to apply and 100% reliable. Why would you take a chance?

No matter how good you are at installation and tiling, we know that buildings breathe - they swell and contract with the ambient temperature. For this reason your shower room will move, only slightly, but enough to open hairline cracks that lead to the ingress of water over time. The problem is you won't find out until the dampness has well and truly taken hold. The job will have become major.

But utilising a waterproof barrier (a flexible tanking membrane) you can rest assured that even if water were to get past the tiled outer surface it can go no further.

Choose from the following range of products...



Tilesure wet room shower waterproof tanking kits

TILESURE Tanking and decoupling membrane. Available in kits comprising 5m2 and 10m2.

Tilesure is the new name for RIW Tilesafe.

Tilesure is a heavy-duty self-adhesive waterproofing and decoupling membrane designed for use onto timber and solid floors.

Developed specifically for use in bathrooms, wetrooms and similar wet areas, Tilesure is comprised of a 1.4mm butyl-based membrane, with a copolymer top layer, which provides an excellent surface for the adhesion of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Tilesure waterproofing membrane is quick and easy to apply, providing a consistent waterproof layer, guaranteed not to leak. Tilesure also acts as a decoupling membrane by uncoupling the floor tiles and accommodating movement in the substrate, within a thickness of only 1.4mm. This omits the requirement for a traditional decoupling mat.

Tilesure also provides an effective barrier to the transition of water vapour.




Wallsafe waterproof liquid wall membrane

Novellini WALLSAFE liquid waterproofing membrane for wet rooms and showers


Novellini Wallsafe

A solvent free 'liquid membrane' suitable for use on all commonly encountered substrates. Quick and easy to apply and carries a Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.


Fully compatible with Tilesafe or Screedsafe tanking membranes, you can rest assured that the waterproof integrity of your shower area is.... safe!

Go Wallsafe...



SCREEDSURE waterproof tanking membrane for screed & concrete floors


Screedsure waterproof tanking kits for wet room shower floors


Is the new generation of wet room shower floor tanking designed specifically for use with solid screed and concrete floors.


Screedsure forms an impermeable barrier between tiles and substrate ensuring a totally watertight leak free installation.












Screedsafe waterproof tanking membrane for screed & concrete floors




Replaced by SCREEDSURE - see above



A similar product in concept to Tilesafe but developed specifically for use with solid screed and concrete floors in wet room showers.

Screedsafe damp proofing membrane for solid screed wet room shower floors

Screedsafe forms an impermeable barrier to water preventing moisture from soaking into the floor causing dampness.

A damp screed floor is something to be avoided at all cost as screed is normally protected from below by a damp proof membrane which traps moisture in a saturated floor.

A wet floor will result in unpleasant odours and degradation of the floor structure.




Tilesafe waterproof tanking kits




Tilesafe waterproof tanking kit for wet room showers

As it's name suggests, Tilesafe is a waterproof tanking system designed to prevent leaks and damp patches in or around your shower or wet room area.


This 'cold applied' product is your insurance against the inevitable leaks that we all associate with shower and wet room installations.


Waterguard waterproof tanking membrane Kits

Waterguard wet room shower waterproof tanking

A new generation of tanking membrane for wet rooms and showers with an outstanding Lifetime watertight guarantee.

Supplied with pre-formed corner sections to make installation quicker and easier.

Go Waterguard...




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