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TILESAFE shower and wet room shower waterproof membrane


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Wet room shower waterproof tanking membrane



TILESAFE has been superseded by


tanking membrane




Tilesafe waterproof tanking kit

What is Tilesafe?

Tilesafe is a waterproof tanking system designed to prevent leaks and damp patches in or around your shower or wet room area. It is a thick rubberised/bitumen layer incorporating a woven glass fibre mesh on one side. It has been developed for use prior to the application of ceramic tiles that are applied using a conventional adhesive which keys to the mesh.

This 'cold applied' product is your insurance against the inevitable leaks that we all associate with shower and wet room installations. Tilesafe is fully compatible with undertile heating. For further info see here.

Tilesafe can be fixed to ply, masonry, concrete or plasterboard to form a secure internal watertight structure. Because there is no curing time you can tile the same day.

Why do all showers eventually leak? 

A building comprises a number of dissimilar materials fixed together to form a shape. Each of these items will respond to heat, cold and humidity in a different manner - expanding or contracting at a different rates. Buildings behave as though they are alive with this constant movement due to variations in moisture and temperature. Understand this and you can soon appreciate how difficult making a shower totally waterproof can be.

Every product you use to construct a shower enclosure or wet room will have a 'coefficient of expansion'. This is the rate at which something expands when heated. This differs for everything. As each component expands at a different rate, together they conspire to leak as they move independently of each other.

Then there's the adhesive and grout which become porous with age exacerbating the situation further.

Tilesafe - the totally waterproof solution to leaky showers and wet rooms

Dealing with this problem involves a process known as 'tanking'. This is an operation whereby a waterproof barrier layer is applied between the building and the tiled surface.

The idea being that should moisture manage to penetrate through the adhesive and grout layer it can get no further than the waterproof barrier. Being slightly flexible, the barrier known as Tilesafe absorbs movement due to temperature changes, and even if porosity becomes an issue the barrier will maintain its integrity.

  • Quick and easy to apply

  • Only 2mm thick

  • Simple to detail in critical areas

  • Ideal for suspended timber floors

  • Flexible movement in substrates

  • Compatible with all quality adhesives

  • Cost effective solution


Tilesafe is available in two kit sizes. Each is supplied as a 1m wide roll either 5m or 10m in length. The kit comprises - Tilesafe, Tilesafe primer, reinforcing jointing tape, jointing compound and putty.




TILESAFE has been superseded by


tanking membrane



Undertile heating and TILESAFE - Is it OK?

Tilesafe tanking membrane works happily with electric under tile heating.

Warming a tiled floor enhances the ambience of your shower room or bathroom beyond belief.

A warm floor is not only wonderful to walk on with bare feet, the heat also speeds up the floor's drying time which improves safety and prevents dampness and odours associated with the growth of mildew.

When applying a heating element on Tilesafe (which installs within the tile adhesive layer) you should not exceed a maximum power rating of 100 Watts per square metre.




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