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Screedsure - The tanking membrane for wet room shower screed and concrete floors


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Products > Wet Rooms > Wet room shower waterproof tanking systems > Screedsure

SCREEDSURE Waterproof tanking membrane for screed and concrete shower floors


Screedsure waterproof tanking kits for wet room shower floors

Screedsure wet floor tanking kits

Screedsure is the new generation waterproof tanking system to replace Screedsafe.

Screedsure is a copolymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use on screeded and other solid floors.

Developed for use in bathrooms, wetrooms and similar wet areas, Screedsure is comprised of a 1mm butyl based membrane, with a fabric top layer providing an excellent surface for the adhesion of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Screedsure is quick and easy to apply, providing a consistent waterproof layer that is guaranteed not to leak.

ScreedSure creates an impermeable waterproof barrier beneath the tiles to ensure moisture cannot soak into the substrate and cause dampness.

A damp screed will result in odours and mildew, eventually affecting the integrity of the floor and cause the tiles to lift.

Even the best laid tiles using the best adhesive and grout are not immune to the effects caused by differences in the coefficient of expansion of the different materials that make up a floor. All you need is a weak grout line and water will find it!

Of course, once you have a damp floor the remedy is not simple or cheap. Better to address the problem before it happens by installing a waterproofing membrane during construction. Then you can enjoy many years of 'trouble free motoring'!


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Suitable for concrete, including gypsum based anhydrite screeds
  • Self-adhesive - quick and easy to apply
  • Ready to tile immediately
  • Ideal for fast track construction
  • Supplied as a complete kit
  • 1mm Factory controlled thickness
    Suitable for use with electric and wet underfloor heating 1
  • Compatible with silicone sealants and stone sealers




SCREEDSURE is available in two kits sizes.

Kit Size


Price inc VAT

5m2 Kit

5m x 1m Roll of membrane
10m Reinforcing Tape
500ml Primer
290ml Jointing Compound
4 x Pre-formed Internal Corners


10m2 Kit

10m x 1m Roll of membrane
15m Reinforcing Tape
1L Primer
290ml Jointing Compound
4 x Pre-formed Internal Corners




SCREEDSURE self-adhesive tanking membrane

A self-adhesive waterproofing membrane with a siliconised release paper.

Thickness 1mm
Width 1m
Length 5m & 10m

Reinforcing Tape

SCREEDSURE Reinforcing tape

A self-adhesive HDPE butyl Reinforcing Tape, with an easy peel release liner used for reinforcing all wall and floor junctions, butt joints,
niches and other detail work within
the membrane.

Thickness 1mm
Width 125mm
Length 10m & 15m



A quick drying acrylic primer for use prior to the application of Screedsure membrane and Reinforcing Tape.
Jointing Compound

SCREEDSURE Jointing Compound

An advanced polymer based gun applied compound for use at all wall and floor junctions, butt joints, pipe entries and other such details
Internal / External Corners

Internal and external pre-formed corners for SCREEDSURE

Internal and External Pre-Formed Corners designed to save time and minimise the build-up of membrane in the corners.

Screedsure Product Information


SCREEDSURE Performance and Composition table




It has come to our attention that some suppliers may be cheating by offering Screedsure at low bargain prices then supplying a substandard lookalike.

We are also aware that having ordered Screedsure some suppliers are sending other products using the excuse that...

 "Screedsure was out of stock so a suitable alternative was sent."


Please consider carefully before taking a chance with your installation. It's not worth the gamble.

If the lookalike product you install does not perform it is not a simple case of swapping it for something that does! Remember, it is buried in the floor!

Screedsure is integral to a successful wet room shower.

Please advise us if you encounter 'cut price' offers, we should be the cheapest place in the UK for the genuine product.

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