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Large size tub style walk in baths


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Maxi size walk in bath - Largest sizes for the larger bather

The Maxi size walk in bath serves bathers with the need for maximum door entry size and generous internal space.

Choose from these Maxi Size models:

The CALIFORNIA tub style walk in bath

The spacious California walk in bath

A spacious bath with and inward opening door.

The TEXAS tub style walk in bath

The Texas walk in bath. Shown here with the wide entrance door opened back and the warm air spa jets visible.


A large tub style walk in bath with outward opening door. Generous internal space,  and a host of luxury options.

The TRANQUILITY slide in/walk in bath

Tranquility slide in bath. The extra spacious walk in bath ideal for transition from a seat or wheelchair.


This large tub style bath with generous internal accommodation is available in two sizes - wide and extra wide.


Entry to the bath is via the super wide shaped door that offers walk in or slide in access, making it particularly useful of wheelchair users.


Baths shown on this website are pictured in settings which may show various bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories (brassware and shower equipment for example) for illustrative purposes only and while available for purchase as optional extras they are not included in the price stated for any bath.

Prices do not include installation. Please don't hesitate to enquire for further information



Or maybe you had something else in mind:

A walk in shower bath

Walk in shower bath. A low level bath with door entry for easy access and a dedicated shower area

A walk in bath with a shower area - something for all the family.

Bath with lifting seat

Walk in baths with a powered lifting seat

A walk in bath with a powered lifting seat for the ultimate in luxury.

Tub style walk in bath

Tub style walk in baths. Compact, midi and maxi sizes.

Deeper immersion, smaller footprint tub style walk in baths

Larger model walk in baths

Large walk in baths (Maxi size) to suit a larger bather and access from a wheelchair

A larger tub style walk in bath can be the ideal solution for the bather with a fuller figure or if transfer from a wheelchair is necessary.


Extra large entry door and generous internal accommodation.


A range of luxury options available.

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