Novellini MONO DECK - wet room floor former



         Wet room floor former with linear waste gully against the wall       

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Prefabricated wet room shower floor former with against-the-wall linear drain


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Products > Wet Room Products > Novellini MONO DECK wet floor shower former with linear wall drain

Novellini MONO DECK wet room shower floor former

Novellini prefabricated wet room shower floor former with linear gully against the wall

Novellini wet room floor former MONO DECK linear waste outlet against the wall

Linear wet room floor former with linear drain against the wall

A wet room floor former with Linear drain against the wall

Achieve beautiful results with the MONO DECK wet room shower floor former. The MONO DECK provides a gentle preformed slope from the point of entry all the way to the linear style waste outlet tight against the wall. A single slope means easy tiling - no awkward cuts or joints, just a straight run. MONO DECK is suitable for a timber floor only.

The perfect wet room shower can be created for easy access in conjunction with wall and floor waterproof tanking membrane kits that ensure your installation remains watertight for many years to come.

  • One way fall is suited to any size of tile

  • MONO DECK is easily trimmed

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • 22mm thickness

  • Choose from 8 preformed kit sizes - Short and Long Wall versions

  • Flow rate up to a massive 41 l/min


Create a beautiful walk in or walk through shower by choosing from a vast range of combination of screen options.

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NOVELLINI MONO DECK wet room shower floor former kit sizes and prices

Short wall layout

Dimension A Dimension B Grill length Code ex VAT
1000mm Trimmable


700mm MONOKIT1 450.27
1200mm MONOKIT2 480.10
1400mm MONOKIT3 495.02
1700mm MONOKIT 4 565.95



Long wall layout

Dimension B Dimension A Grill length Code ex VAT
1200mm Trimmable


900mm MONOKIT5 481.52
1400mm 1100mm MONOKIT6 602.96
1600mm 1300mm MONOKIT7 626.40
1800mm 1500mm MONOKIT8 649.13



Novellini DUO Deck wet room floor waste outlet and grill options

The Duo Deck wet room shower floor former is supplied with a linear waste outlet and trap.

The linear drain has a stainless steel cover running it's length which can be lifted for cleaning purposes. The standard linear drain can handle 25 l/min. It is possible to buy an additional trap that installs below the drain and increases the handling capacity to a massive 41 litres per minute!

The trap has a multi-directional 50mm outlet spigot and the kit is supplied with a 50mm-42mm reducer for connection to UK plastic pipework.

There is an option to change the cover plate to one with a tiling rebate so tile may be inlaid. Please see below.

Novellini linear floor drain traps showing single and double horizontal waste outlet traps.

Order reference code G1

Standard stainless steel linear drain cover for a wet room floor drain

The G1 standard grill is a stainless plate that fits along the length of waste outlet (drain) up to which your wet room shower floor may be tiled.

Unless specified to the contrary this grill will be supplied with your order.

Price: Included in DUO Deck price

Order reference code G3
The G3 grill incorporates a tiling rebate in to which you may inlay a tile to match the surrounding shower floor.

When specified, this grill will be supplied in place of the standard G1 grill. An additional cost applies for this option.

G3 tile rebate drain cover for a wet room linear floor drain

Click here for example

Price: 59.75 inc VAT

Additional waste traps

Horizontal waste outlet trap for a linear floor drain

Vertical waste outlet trap for a linear floor drain

Additional traps are available (if required) to enhance the flow handling capability of the linear drain. Simple to install (during initial installation) the additional trap locates underneath the linear drain body adding another route by which waste water can be piped to the soil.

The standard single trap Linear waste will handle 25 litres per minute. (One trap is included with Duo Deck drain kit)

With two waste traps the handling capacity increases to 41 litres per minute! Horizontal or vertical options available.

Price: 48.00 inc VAT




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