Wet room Aquadec Linear 4



         Aquadec Linear 4 wet room shower floor former       

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Wet room floor former with 4 slopes to a linear waste outlet


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Aquadec Linear 4 wet room shower floor former

The AQUADEC Linear 4 range of wet room floor formers are made from durable GRP. Strong and light, they take all the work (and guesswork) out of creating a beautiful wet room shower floor with a linear gully.

The linear drain is elegant and blends unobtrusively into the wet room floor creating a sleek modern look.

The Linear Flo Dec incorporates a built-in fall to the waste ensuring water runs away reliably.

Use in conjunction with a waterproofing membrane to ensure a watertight installation that will be a joy for years to come.

A wonderful selection of frameless glass screens designed specifically for wet rooms are available to complete your project. Why not consider under-tile heating - enjoy the opulence.

Picture showing linear Flo Dec finished installation with tiled floor and frameless glass shower screen Linear Flo Dec picture showing exploded assembly image - click to enlarge

Personalise your wetroom shower with your choice of gully cover.

Aquadec Linear Dec gully cover options - Stainless and Black Glass Linear Dec wet room floor gully cross section showing optional tile rebate
Aquadec Linear is supplied with a Stainless Steel gully cover. But as optional extras you can change this to either Black Glass or one with a tile rebate so the cover can be blended into the surrounding floor.


Aquadec Linear 4 Wet Room shower floor former range:


Aquadec Linear 4 - LNR1

Order reference code:


Aquadec Linear 4 - LNR1

Overall Dimensions

1200 x 900mm

Max Shower Area

1200 x 900mm





Price (inc VAT) 506.09






Aquadec Linear 4 - LNR2

Order reference code


Aquadec Linear 4 - LNR2

Overall Dimensions 1000 x 1000mm
Maximum Shower Area 1000 x 1000mm
Depth 22mm
Gradient 17mm
Price (inc VAT) 482.33





Aquadec Linear 4 - LNR3

Order reference code


Aquadec Linear 4 - LNR3

Overall Dimensions 1200 x 1200mm
Maximum Shower Area 1200 x 1200mm
Depth 22mm
Gradient 17mm
Price (inc VAT) 525.69







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March 2017