EASA Elegance split shower door (L2)



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A shower door with split 'stable style' opening for carer assistance


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Products Shower enclosures > EASA Elegance > Stable Style shower door (L2)

Split 'stable style' shower door (L2)

The ELEGANCE Shower Collection by EASA

EASA Elegance split 'stable style' shower doors are the perfect solution where a full height shower door is required but carer assistance may be necessary. When the door is closed, the top section can be opened independently of the lower so a carer can lean in to assist whilst standing outside and remaining dry.

This style of door is the perfect choice in any environment hold where the differing needs of individuals can be catered for with this simple yet clever design adaptation.

The L2 is a 'stable style' shower door available with hinge left or right that splits in the middle to facilitate independent opening of the top while keeping the lower section closed.

EASA Elegance corner shower enclosure using an L4 hinged shower door on left and an L2 stable style split shower door on right.

Image: The shower enclosure shown is configured with a single panel pivot door to the left and a stable style L2 door on the right. Numerous other configurations using any of the doors or panels from the EASA Elegance range are of course possible.

 Lifetime Warranty.

More about the handle...

Please note: These doors are sold individually. An L2 door comprises the upper and lower hinged panels, the wall fixing channel with hinge mechanism and handle for locking upper and lower sections together so the panels may operate in unison as a single panel. The door may be purchased with hinge on left or right. To create a corner shower enclosure (as shown in image below) you will need to order another door or panel (one left handed and one right handed). Handing must be specified at time of order. Please don't hesitate to call if assistance is required.

This style of door is suitable for use with a alcove or in a corner, either singly or as a pair. This door style may also be mixed or matched with any of the other doors/panels in the Elegance range.

This door is a bespoke product. You decide how wide a door to order up to 1000mm (for dimensions up to 1400mm please see L3 model), its handing and whether to use it in conjunction with another door/screen from the Elegance range. Alcove dimensions should be given as a tile-to-tile measurement. Corner enclosures should be measured from the finished tile surface along the centre line of the shower tray rim to the corner. These doors are suitable for use with wet room floors.

EASA Elegance L2 Price List


EASA Elegance L2 split opening 'stable style' shower door

Ex VAT (each)

L2 Full height split opening shower door 1900mm high and up to 1000mm wide 694.40

The standard 'full' height for the Elegance range of doors and panels is 1900mm. There is a supplementary charge to vary this height if required.

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More about the handle on the L2 and L3 shower doors

The question has been raised whether there is an alternative style of handle available for the Stable Style shower door. The answer in a word is no. There is a very good reason for this which is illustrated below.

The Stable Style shower door comprises two glass panels. The door can be operated as a 'single panel' door when top and bottom are locked together, or the top section can be be opened independently of the bottom - facilitating access for a carer to lean in and assist with bathing.

To achieve this a handle that can bridge the split in the door yet hold it securely is necessary.

Shower door handle on the stable style L2 and L3 models

The  door handle releases to enable top section to be opened independently on the stable style L2 and L3 models

The door handle bridges the split between the upper and lower sections  of the stable style L2 and L3 models allowing the door to act as a single panel.