Florida Compact Walk in Bath with door at front

Florida Compact Walk-in Bath

Compact walk in bath with front entry door

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The FLORIDA Walk in bath with a door at the front


The pretty little Florida walk in bath is entered via an inward opening door at the front.

This clever compact design makes the bath ideal for small spaces or where side entry might be compromised by other bathroom fitments.

Ideal for smaller bathrooms or as an additional facility in a spacious family bathroom or ensuite. The Florida compact lends itself to installation where space is at an absolute premium.

Your Florida bath can be customised to your exacting requirement with the addition of the various optional extras listed below.

Tasteful and unobtrusive. The Florida walk in bath fits neatly into a corner.

Easy to operate door release button. Gentle pressure to activate door lock.

Florida walk in bath with door open - note the chrome jets fitted for the spa system.

Florida walk in bath with door closed

(Shown above, a Florida walk in bath with spa option)

The bath can be manufactured to virtually any colour. Simply provide a 'RAL Number' (every colour that exists is designated a RAL Number) or a sample of the colour to which you wish to match.

The door latching mechanism is easily operated by applying gentle pressure to the mushroom-shaped button conveniently located on top of the door.

Taps and/or controls can be positioned to the left and/or right of the door or mounted on an adjacent wall.

Despite it's compact size the Florida walk in bath maintains a full depth of water in which the bather can immerse.

Capacity: 242 litres



Length 980 mm
Width 660 mm
Height 960 mm


Features of the Florida walk in bath:

  • Premium Construction

  • Ideal where space is tight

  • Fully supported seat

  • Strong steel subframe

  • Inward opening front entry door

  • Push button door mechanism

  • Optional glass shower screen

  • Door seal guaranteed for life

  • Self-purging multi-jet spa option

  • Heated seat option

  • Chromotherapy light option

  • Sound system with Bluetooth connectivity option

  • Custom Colour option

  • Small footprint size

  • 980mm L x 660mm W x 930mm H

Special Offer


1940.00 + VAT

FLORIDA Walk in Bath

RRP 2562.00 + VAT




Door end panel


Side panel


Shower screen -

Multijet Air spa


Sound system


Chromotherapy Lighting


Heated seat


Soft Seat 295.00

Custom Colour*

(see notes below)

Special Delivery** 95.00

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*Custom Colours - The standard colour of a walk in bath is White. However, you may wish to colour match your bath with an existing suite. An option exists to have your bath manufactured to virtually any colour. This is achieved by you supplying a RAL number. This is a system of numbering that identifies colours and tints enabling an exact colour to be communicated. Please enquire for more information on RAL.


A date for delivery will always be provided but the standard delivery service does not specify time of day and is only to the outside of your property.

**Special Delivery Options are however available as an optional extra.

1. Timed standard delivery - As per standard delivery but guaranteed before 12 noon.

2. White Glove delivery - Two man delivery into property. Bath will be unwrapped, inspected and packaging removed. No delivery time guaranteed on day of delivery.

As with all walk in baths we strongly recommend the use of a Thermostatically controlled taps or a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) on the hot water inlet of this bath to prevent scalding. If you require further information please ask.


Baths shown on this website are pictured in settings which may show various bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories (brassware and shower equipment for example) for illustrative purposes only and while available for purchase as optional extras they are not included in the price stated for any bath.

Prices do not include installation. Please don't hesitate to enquire for further information



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Florida Compact Walk in Bath with door at front



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