Alcove shower with two half height doors



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A disabled access alcove shower with wide full width access via two pivot doors


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The PORTFOLIO range of half height shower enclosures, doors and screens has been superseded by EASA EVOLUTION and SUPREME


The same door, screen and enclosure configurations are available.


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Portfolio alcove shower enclosure with two pivot doors - style A2

Pack includes: Shower tray, two pivot doors, a shower curtain and curtain rail.

All screens and doors supplied at 750mm high



A2 Alcove Shower Enclosure Sizes:



An alcove shower enclosure with two pivot half height doors for wide easy access

Shower Tray Tray Size and waste Handing Cubicle Handing Order Code £incVAT


1200 x 800 Centre-wall waste

No Handing A2/10  

ET22 800 x 800 No Handing No Handing A2/22  

ET27 900 x 900 (Side-Waste) No Handing A2/27  
ET27A 900 x 900 (Corner-Waste A2/27A  

ET31 1000 x 1000 (Side-Waste) No Handing A2/31  
ET32 1000 x 1000 (Corner-Waste) A2/32  

ET33L 760 x 1125 LHW No Handing A2/33L  
ET33R 760 x 1125 RHW A2/33R  

ET39L 1295 x 710 LHW No Handing A2/39L  
ET39R 1295 x 710 RHW No Handing A2/39R  

ET51 1500 x 880 Centre-Wall Waste No Handing A2/51  

ET52L 1295 x 900 LHW No Handing A2/52L  
ET52R 1295 x 900 RHW A2/52R  

ET62 1500 x 710 Centre-Wall Waste No Handing A2/62  

ET40 1800 x 890 LHW No A2/40  
ET41 1800 x 890 RHW Handing A2/40  

ET42 1810 x 885 LHW No A2/42  
ET43 1810 x 885 RHW Handing A2/43  

ET53 1810 x 730 LHW No A2/53  
ET54 1810 x 730 RHW Handing A2/54  

ET55L 1810 x 690 LHW (For Level Access) No Handing A2/55L  

ET55S 1810 x 770 LHW (For Surface Mounting) No Handing A2/55S  

ET56L 1810 x 690 RHW (For Level Access) No Handing A2/56L  

ET56S 1810 x 770 RHW (For Surface Mounting) No Handing A2/56S