Glass stable type doors for a large corner shower



         Large corner shower enclosure utilising stable type shower door with inline panel       

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Glass stable style doors for a large corner or alcove shower enclosure


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Products > Shower enclosures > Fresco stable style shower doors > Large Stable style corner or alcove shower enclosure

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Large corner shower enclosure with stable style door

The versatility offered by this large shower is impressive.

Not only does it boast plenty of internal space, its stable style door facilitates carer assistance or an option to open if the occupant prefers a more airy environment in which to shower.

The beautiful minimalist Italian design understates the clever capabilities of the door where the top and bottom can operate in unison or independently of each other making it perfect for the family bathroom where the needs of individuals may differ.

Stable door large alcove shower enclosure

Large corner shower enclosure shown with inline panel and fixed end panel

Alcove installation (pictured left) Corner installation (pictured right)

Available in a range of finishes. Can be handed left or right and installed to an alcove or corner (with the addition of a fixed side panel).

This tasteful shower enclosure will adorn the bathroom of any home - especially when the needs of household are varied.

(Shower tray and shower equipment are sold separately)

Handing denoted by wall upon which door will hang (L or R)

Diagram of left hand alcove installation

Diagram of right hand alcove installation

Alcove LH

Alcove RH


Single Pivot Stable shower door and inline panel - for alcove (Clear glass)

  * Frame colour
   (cm) White Silver Chrome

Diagram of large alcove enclosure utilising stable type door

Door with inline panel

Suitable for use in an alcove. For a corner application please add appropriate fixed side panel from lower table

110 - 116 609.84 649.91 649.91
116 - 122 648.40 682.42 682.42
136 - 142 716.44 751.21 751.21
166 - 172 790.52 823.03 823.03
    Price inc VAT

(Above: Right hand illustrated)

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Note: Door always hinges from wall. Hinge side denotes handing (L or R)




Fixed side panel to create a corner shower enclosure

  Dimension* Frame colour
   (cm) White Silver Chrome

By using a fixed side panel the large stable shower door can be configured as a large corner shower enclosure

Handing detail for side panels 1


Side Panel

The addition of this side panel to the chosen door configuration from above makes it suitable for corner installation

78.5 - 81.5 376.99 394.38 394.38
88.5 - 91.5 397.40 414.79 414.79
104 - 107 417.82 435.96 435.96
124 - 127 442.76 457.88 457.88
69.5 -125


469.98 525.92 525.92

Above: Illustration shows enclosure in a right hand corner.

  Price inc VAT
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