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800mm and 900mm one piece leak free corner quadrant shower pods


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Products > Shower Enclosures > Shower pods > NEPTUNE Envirotec Shower Pods > NEPTUNE Quadrant shower pod

800mm and 900mm Quadrant Corner shower pod

Quadrant shower enclosures are both attractive and practical. The pleasing lines of a curved glass screen will adorn any bathroom design, whilst on a practical level a quadrant shower enclosure offers good internal space without imposing an excessive footprint.

The NEPTUNE quadrant shower pod offer yet another desirable feature - it cannot leak. Engineered using marine technology, these leak free shower pods are easily installed and will ensure years of maintenance free service.

Envirotec leak free quadrant shower pod finished in porcelain white

A shower pod in two parts

To get over problems that tight turns and narrow doorways within a dwelling might cause, the NEPTUNE quadrant shower pod is manufactured in two sections. When assembled, a completely leak free structure is formed.

No tiling is necessary when you use a shower pod. Just think of all the work and expense this will save. Rapid installation means your shower will be up and running is no time at all.

A NEPTUNE shower pod requires no maintenance. There's no tile grout to get dirty and you won't be relying on a bead of silicone at the back of the tray to stop water from seeping out to damage your precious home.

Delightfully simple, you can enjoy leak free service from your beautiful shower pod for many years to come.

Envirotec quadrant shower pod shell showing two part construction

Because the one-piece lower section of the pod is moulded to incorporate the shower tray and the lower wall section the leaky joint associated with most conventional installations where the wall and tray meet has been designed out. There simply isn't anywhere for water to escape.

Plumbing your NEPTUNE shower pod

Plumbing runs behind the wall panels. The corner of the shower pod is designed with a void to facilitate the positioning of shower equipment and the running of pipework.

The NEPTUNE shower pod is supplied with a 90mm 'top clean' outlet and trap. If the pod is sat directly on the floor (offering low step in height) the waste can be run in or under the floor. Should you need to raise the pod in order to run the waste above floor level then a riser kit can be ordered as an optional extra. The riser kit contains legs that raise the pod by 100mm and a plinth panel to neatly cover the void.

Technical illustrations here

Envirotec shower pods are available with a choice of colour finishes

Porcelain white colur swatch Sandstone granite colour swatch Black granite colour swatch
Porcelain White Sandstone Granite Black Granite

NEPTUNE Quadrant Shower Pod Price list



Please call for further information


  Format Shape Size Finish Colour Price inc VAT  
  2 Part Quad 800mm Classic White    
  2 Part Quad 900mm Classic White    
  Easy Plumb Leg and Plinth Kit   White Only    

Easy Plumb Kit = Riser leg kit and plinth panel

Please note: The addition of the riser leg kit can raise the unit by up to 100mm from the floor. Please add this to the overall measurement if used.


Standard shower door sets available for the Envirotec quadrant shower pods (Package Prices)

Quadrant Shower Doors with 6mm glass 

  inc VAT

800mm two door quadrant shower enclosure

6mm x 1850mm


900mm two door quadrant shower enclosure

6mm x 1850mm


Quadrant Shower Doors with 8mm glass

  inc VAT

800mm two door quadrant shower enclosure

8mm x 2000mm


900mm two door quadrant shower enclosure

8mm x 2000mm


Shower Equipment

  inc VAT



1. TMV2 Bar type mixer valve with hose, handset and riser kit. Chrome


2. TMV2 Bar type mixer valve with hose, handset and riser kit + diverter and rain head. Chrome


Your choice of shower equipment is not limited to the two shower valve kits offered above. They do however represent great value when purchased as part of a package.





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