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Texas Walk in Bath

The biggest most spacious walk in bath

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The spacious Texas walk in bath

Texan walk in bath with large internal space and large outward opening door

The Texas walk-in bath is the most generous of our range offering the largest internal space together with outward opening door.

The Texas walk in bath has a contoured back support for assured comfort and a slip-resistant seat and base for safety.

The bath may be ordered in right or left handed models and is suited well for use a sit-down shower enclosure when used in conjunction with a suitable rail and curtain.

The larger footprint and an outward opening door makes this bath more suitable for larger bathrooms.

When equipped with the optional air spa system this bath becomes the pinnacle of luxury bathing.

Capacity: 529 litres


Length 1365mm
Width 835mm
Height 990mm




  • Large internal space

  • High capacity bathing area

  • Low-level access

  • Slip-resistant seat and base

  • Leak-free door with lifetime seal guarantee

  • Outward opening door with side access

  • External locking mechanism

  • Left or right hand options

  • Air spa option

For Information:

The Texas walk in bath has proved a delight for the many customers who have purchased. It is a roomy bath offering wider access.

You should however consider the physical size of the bath if you contemplate buying one.

Being a larger bath may present you with difficulties when transporting it through doorways, up stairs or along narrow access routes. It is true to say 'where there's a will there's a way' but occasionally getting the bath into the building and to the point of installation might simply be impossible. Bear this in mind before you decide.


As with all walk in baths we strongly recommend the use of Thermostatically controlled taps or a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) on the hot water inlet of this bath to prevent scalding. If you require further information please ask. To view TMVs click here.





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Texas walk in bath - large model for the bigger bather




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